Jean De Ruyt

Jean De RuytA senior career diplomat specialised in the EU, transatlantic relations and United Nations development policy. Jean De Ruyt is acknowledged as an authority on the system and workings of the European Institutions. His successful management of the Presidency of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of Member States in 2010 highlighted De Ruyt’s depth of knowledge and breadth of relationships within the European institutions (Commission, Parliament and Council).

A former Ambassador of Belgium to NATO, UN and the EU, De Ruyt’s experience ranges from negotiating foreign and security policies to shaping agreements, commercial as well as regulatory. He was closely involved in Europe’s response to the financial crisis and the resulting legislation at the European level. Close to the upper echelons of the EU hierarchy, De Ruyt was instrumental in the creation of the European foreign service. He also facilitated the resolution of a variety of state aid and competition policy disputes.

De Ruyt is a skilled strategist and political analyst, known for his insightful and clear thinking of complex issues. His connections are international and wide-ranging with a focus on Europe, the United States, where he spent 12 years, Central Africa and the Middle East. His published references are extensive. He is fluent in French, English, Italian and Dutch.

Currently a Senior Advisor for Covington LLP in Brussels and a former member of the Board of Counselors for McLarty Associates, he is also a member of the Belgian Royal Academy and a Senior Associate Fellow of the Egmont Institute.

His latest book ‘Le privilege du diplomate’ – reflections on a 40-year diplomatic career – is now available through Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

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